GOCC 30th Annual Holiday Party

On December 10, 2022

Great Ohio Coaster Club Members and their guests are invited to attend our 30th Annual Holiday Party on Saturday December 10th 2022.

Additional event information will be posted here as it becomes available.

To attend this event, you must be a GOCC member or a guest of a GOCC Member. Click here to join Great Ohio Coaster Club.

Attendees are expected to abide by the Codes of Conduct of the organization to which they belong to ensure that the organizations are always represented in a positive manner. Members wearing the organization logos, attending organized events, or identifying themselves as members should be aware that their behavior impacts the organization’s reputation. Members found to be in violation of these codes may be subject to disciplinary procedures of their respective organization.

The payment of registration fees by, for, or on behalf of participants releases and holds harmless the Great Ohio Coaster Club (GOCC), its members, its Board of Directors, its representatives or appointees and Cedar Point from any and all liabilities related to the event.

Every attempt will be made to follow the printed itinerary, but scheduled activities are subject to modifications due to weather, mechanical or other unforeseeable problems.

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